I hate getting my photograph taken, what if I can't relax?

I offer gentle art direction so you don't have to worry about how to stand or what to do. For families or couples who are interested, I often incorporate a favourite activity into the photography session so you can just get on with doing something you love and not even worry about posing. We can discuss all of this during our zoom call.

I am a firm believer in making sure you and your loved ones are comfortable and having a good time on one of my photoshoots. That joy manifests in the photos!

I've booked an outdoor shoot - but it's forecast to rain. What happens now?

If you have your heart set on continuing with an outdoor session but it's bucketing down, we can reschedule to another day. But if it's just a bit of clouds and the occasional drizzle, there's nothing to worry about. Clouds or a little rain offer stunning lighting conditions and some of my best work have come from moody days!

Alternatively we can re-arrange to shoot indoors instead, either at your home or in my portable studio that I set up at the Village Hall in Hampstead Norreys RG180TB. We will discuss your preferred back up option in our Zoom call.

How long will it take to edit my photos?

I always aim to deliver your photos within 14 days of your shoot. However, during the busy season it can take up to 6 weeks. Once complete, I will send you a link to your personal gallery and you will be able to download the images from there.

Do you travel?

Yes! I service West Berkshire, Oxfordshire, East Sussex and Hampshire. Shoots that fall in other counties will incur a £30 travel fee.

What do we wear?

Intentional is the secret magic to fabulous family photos. But.. so is being comfortable and happy! Wear whatever is your vibe but try to stick to natural and neutral colours like white, cream, stone, rusty red, mustard yellow or dark greens. Neon colours or loud prints can be distracting and difficult to colour grade - so please avoid those if you can.

I am always happy to offer advice and have a range of clothing available in my client closet.

We can discuss ideas in our Zoom call.

Will you get rid of my unwanted spots or wrinkles?

My post production involves mostly colour grading and removing blemishes that are not usually there like grazes, pimples, sores etc. But I firmly believe birthmarks, wrinkles and smile lines are what make you unique!

If you'd like to request a specific edit, this will incur an additional fee depending on the complexity and number of edits.

I want an indoor shoot but my house is a mess!

Don't worry! I never focus on your home in photos and often zero in on details like the connection between you and your loved ones. The angles that I shoot and how I use light often also crop out unwanted mess or distractions. I also always bring fabrics and props with me to at home shoots to assist with background settings as needed.


Not without your permission!

As a photographer I often share my work to my social media accounts or website portfolio, but I will always reach out to you to ask for permission first.

Your privacy will always be respected so feel free to let me know if you prefer I didn't share your images.

What time of the day is the best time to book a shoot?

Outdoor shoots are best done in the early morning or early evening during golden hour. However, I understand that not everyone is available at that time - especially if you have kids, and life happens in harsh sunlight and after years of working in different lighting conditions, I am always up for the challenge and I will always promise you lovely imagerty.