Hello I'm Sumi, a West Berkshire-based photographer with a passion for capturing the human experience with my camera.

I work in West Berkshire and the surrounding counties, so if you're looking to bottle up life's precious moments with a gallery of images you'll treasure for a lifetime, why not get in touch?

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Over the years of looking at people through the lens of my camera, I have learned that regardless of our differences in culture, background, or beliefs, there are fundamental aspects of the human experience that unite us all.

Our capacity for love, empathy, understanding, and the desire for happiness and fulfillment are universal. We are all someone's mother or father, someone's son or daughter. We live, laugh and try our best to love each other in the best ways that we know how.

And so the inspiration for my work is simply life itself and the ways our stories interweave to create this rich tapestry we call humanity.


My signature style embraces the beauty of imperfection (because that is real life!) and I often use the play of light and shadow to add depth to my images.

I often bring a documentary approach to my work and prefer to keep my subjects unposed and the interactions as authentic as possible. With my trusty Fuji lenses and a variety of filters, I bring a unique nostalgic aesthetic to every photo I take, reminiscent of cherished discoveries from attic albums.


The birth of my daughter sparked my journey into photography. It taught me the power of capturing emotions and preserving fleeting moments. As a professional photographer in West Berkshire, I now aim to share this incredible experience with others, helping them relive their cherished memories through my craft.


My photography business prioritizes mindfulness, sustainability, and inclusion. I'm also a sustainability consultant during the week, and I'm deeply committed to protecting our planet, which influences how I operate my business. I opt for secondhand lenses, rent rather than buy extra gear, and advocate for vintage clothing for my clients to minimize environmental impact.

Moreover, I donate 20% of my shoot fees to charities supporting families and children affected by displacement and war. Charities like War Child, the UNFPA, and Choose Love are close to my heart, and I'm proud to support their vital work.

Visual story telling with soul